Natural Products and Heterocyclic Chemistry

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Natural products are chemical compound produced by a living organism that is found in nature. Natural products remain the best sources of drugs and drug leads, natural products research in favor of HTP screening of combinatorial libraries during the past 2 decades. Natural products possess structural and chemical diversity that is unsurpassed by any synthetic libraries. More than 40% of the chemical scaffolds found in natural products are absent in now-a-days medicinal chemistry repertoire.  Based on various chemical properties, combinatorial compounds occupy a much smaller area in molecular space than natural products. Natural products undergo primary metabolites and secondary metabolites, Natural products under go biosynthesis and produce carbohydrates and fatty acids and polyketides.   

  • Synthesis of heterocyclic natural products
  • Catalysis in heterocyclic chemistry
  • Design and synthesis of biologically active heterocyclic compounds
  • Route optimization of biologically active heterocyles
  • Insights into the biosynthesis of heterocyclic natural products
  • Perspectives on heterocyclic chemistry

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