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Gayane Atazhanova
National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan, Russia

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Plants from Artemisia L. genus belonging to Asteraceae Dumort. family are one of the main sources of sesquiterpene lactones. Ninety species of wormwood grow in the territory of Kazakhstan, 20 of which are endemic and considered as potential sources of novel, previously unexplored natural compounds, especially sesquiterpene lactones. We have carried out the chemical analysis of 11 endemic plant species from Artemisia L. genus for the first time, they are as follows: Artemisia aralensis Krasch., Artemisia cina Berg., Artemisia filatovii A. Kuprijanov sp. nova, Artemisia glabella Kar. et Kir., Artemisia halophila Krasch., Artemisia hippolyti Butkov, Artemisia karatavica Krasch. et Abol., Artemisia radicans A. Kuprijanov sp. nova, Artemisia saissanica (Krasch.) Filat., Artemisia semiarida (Krasch. et Lavr.) Filat., Artemisia succulenta Ldb. Fl. Alt. From 11 endemic species of Artemisia L. 25 sesquiterpene lactones were determined. In doing so, 7 new sesquiterpene lactones were isolated, and the structures of their molecules elucidated by means of modern physical, chemical and spectral methods (IR-, PMR-, 13? NMR, mass-), including X-ray analysis.

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