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Takashi Takahashi
Yokohama University of Pharmacy, Japan

Takashi Takahashi is a professor of Medicinal Chemistry at Yokohama University of Pharmacy, Japan. He has his expertise in Natural Products and Medicinal Chemistry of drug development


Automated synthesis and flow chemistry have attracted a great deal of attention in recent years because these processes improve both the reproducibility and reliability of synthesis. Development of automated synthetic procedures and storage of relevant digital data allow anyone to reproduce the same results anytime and anywhere using the same apparatus and reagents. As a result, synthetic chemists can spend more time on advanced and challenging problems. Automated synthesis and flow chemistry often enhance the safety profile of the synthetic processes. Flow chemistry is effective for the hazardous reactions using toxic reagents or high pressure gases. Here in, we report the automated synthesis of taxol, enediyne, lewisx and ketopiperazine analogues and the flow synthesis of peptides and aliphatic aldehydes.

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